Pepsi demonstrates the power of small format at the Oscars 2014

Pepsi, one of the official partners of the 86th Academy Awards, has celebrated some of the most famous quotes from legendary films in its 60-second spot that aired during the ceremony’s broadcast on ABC yesterday. The “Mini Hollywood” ad, promoting the smaller version of the soda’s can, communicates the message that even the tiniest amounts (like the smaller can or a quote) can retain the full power of the original product.

The super-dynamic spot by the ad agency Mekanism stars 1996 Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. as well as a plethora of other actors who pay tribute to a range of popular Hollywood movies with quotes and highlight the impact they’ve made on today’s popular culture. A smaller 7.5-ounce can of Pepsi is featured here and there in the spot as a symbol of a small format that is capable to deliver the similar amount of enjoyable experience as the full-size versions. The message in the end of the spot reads “Little can, Epic satisfaction.”

The entire cast of the spot speaks only in movie quotes. The brand invites the audience to guess which films the quotes are from. These movies are Good Will Hunting (“How do you like them apples?), The Wizard of Oz (“I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”), When Harry Met Sally (“I’ll have what she’s having”), Scarface (“Say hello to my little friend!”), Titanic (“I’m King of the World”) and many more. Plus, there is a range of scenes that connect the viewers with other popular movies through settings, costumes and moves—American Pie and Matrix are among them.

“Pepsi is thrilled to partner with the Academy Awards, a partnership that allows the brand to continue to capture the excitement of NOW that comes from live viewing events such as the Oscars,” said Seth Kaufman, VP of Marketing for Colas, PepsiCo North America Beverages. “Pepsi is at its best when it can connect with consumers in contextually relevant ways, engaging them with iconic creative that sparks spontaneous moments of joy, highlights the brand’s fun personality and taps into pop culture.”

The 86th Academy Awards ceremony was held yesterday, March 2. The Best Picture award was received by 12 Years a Slave, Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club) and Cate Blanchett (Blue Jasmine) won the Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Leading Role statuettes correspondingly.