Schwarzkopf Mocks Cheesy Infomercials in a New Taft Promotion

Schwarzkopf has partnered with the MEC agency to develop a humorous campaign, which is poking fun at the old-school methods of advertising. The creative team created a promotion for the Taft FULL ON line, which includes two TVCs, parodying cheesy infomercials and featuring a weird hairpiece helmet Stylemet, as well as a microsite, where consumers can win the odd accessory.

Both the online destination and the fake infomercials are designed in style of amateur adverts with cheap and flamboyant graphics. They promote a so-called Stylemet, a helmet and a wig at the same time, which helps you forget about all problems with hair. “An exciting new range of bad hair day cover-ups that is sure to turn heads…even your own! Strap on some style and away you go! Wear it on a date, wear it to a club, wear it to bed (but not in that order). Stylemet comes in a broad range of unique colours and models, perfect for your busy lifestyle,” says the description to the ad. The presenter in the ads puts the Slylement on the models, describing how their life will be changed after buying the piece, but in the end the models take the artificial hair off and throw it away, choosing Taft FULL ON products instead. To win this weird and completely useless thing, users are to explain why they’d look fabulous in it.

Taft is an exciting brand to work with and we are thrilled to have created this campaign for the Full On range. All creative and media were handled in-house at MEC, demonstrating the range of skills on offer at the agency,” commented Peter Vogel, MEC’s chief executive director.