As Mintel European retail analysts foresee, this year’s Black Friday will generate sales growth of 80-100% comparing to the last year’s sales of around £100 million. However, shopper engagement in this pre-Christmas season in the UK will remain relatively low as it was lat year. Just 15% of the surveyed consumers said they made major pre-holiday purchases during Black Friday in 2013.

There used to be a belief in the marketing circles, that millenials (consumer group aged 18-34 years old) don’t care much about personal finance and are rather unclear on their investment goals. Moreover, according to the recently unveiled Millennial Disruption Index, 33% of millenials don’t think that consumer banks, as we know them, will survive in the future.

Researchers behind the Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Report for Europe 2014 have analyzed 12,000 FMCG product launches across Western Europe and revealed the trend that about 66% of those products never reached the sales volume of 10,000 items, while 76% of those new launches never survived the first year of their marketing lifecycle.

A more fluid, open and diverse society of today has been re-shaping conventional social, cultural, and sexual norms to become a stereotype-free “consumer base” that requires different marketing approaches. Thus, traditional demographic marketing segmentation by age, race, gender, location, family status or income is not as important as it used to be 10 years ago. What’s important then?