Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg and her nonprofit Lean In, created to inspire and empower girls and women, get behind a new initiative, “Ban Bossy,” that takes on the gender stereotypes. The effort, launched in partnership with the Girl Scouts, criticizes the word “bossy” related to girls who are ambitious and assertive, and want to develop their leadership skills to achieve more in their life.

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup, Peugeot is rolling out a 100-day initiative to pursue the sustainable goals in Brazil, the host country of this year’s tournament. The Kick It To Brazil campaign, launched on March 6, follows the journey of a football as it rolls across 30 countries during these three months. The ball, which is travelling with the help of bicycles, planes and Peugeot vehicles, “communicates” with locals who can even kiss it.

Lean In, a female empowerment non-profit, collaborates with the American stock photo agency Getty Images to provide a wide selection of sexism-free images of women for business use. The organization founded by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg will provide a collection of 2,500+ stock photos that portray women of various professions and in various settings in a positive light, without any sexist implications.