Facebook is continuing to trial the paid messages service that allows users to contact those who are outside their circle of friends. Normally, private messages sent by non-friends would get filtered to the Other folder, but now those who pay a fee can send it directly to the Inbox. The profits generated through the new service will go to Facebook—the company is not planning to share them with the celebrity users, who are the major element of the scheme.

Facebook has finally unveiled its long-awaited software Facebook Home that enhances Android smartphones, making them more integrated into the social-media world. The steady stream of posts and photos from friends on Facebook is the first thing users see when they turn on the phone with the installed Home. Facebook notes that new product is not a new operating system or a smartphone, but a “family of apps that puts your friends at the heart of your phone.

Facebook is now allowing advertisers to better target their potential customers to improve the performance of their ads on the platform. The new option, Lookalike Audiences, is rolling out within Power Editor this week. On the Help page, the company describes this feature as a way “to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they are similar to a customer list you care about.”

Facebook has unveiled the latest redesign of its News Feed, aiming to make it cleaner and yet more informative for the users. The two pillars of the latest changes are categorization and focus on visual content. The feed, which has grown cluttered over the past years, is now split into several sections, “All Friends,” “Music,” “Photos,” “Following,” “Games,” “Close Friends,” as well as any of Interest Lists or Friend Lists. With the stories sorted into these categories, it has become easier to keep track of everything that appears in the news feed.

Facebook wants to make its platform as developer-friendly as possible. The social media giant launches Developers Live, a Facebook app, which provides valuable curated content (tutorials, live and recorded speaking sessions and other visual educational pieces) and also helps them keep up to date on the latest Facebook news. The new hub targets mobile and game app developers as well as website managers and publishers, who will learn how to make a better content for the web and how to use the platform to maximize their profits.