Frito-Lay is about to launch a new line of its Cracker Jacks snacks, Cracker Jack’d, which will include a caffeinated variety called Power Bites. The new product has already generated much buzz among American health-advocacy activists, who are worried that the snacks with such an addictive stimulant might affect kids by making them too hyper. The new “energy” variety comes soon after two other products appeared in the Kraft Foods Group portfolio, the Mio drink flavoring enhancers and Jelly Belly’s “Extreme Sport Beans.”

Clothing, footwear and accessory giants often team up with fashion designers to create a new collection, but collaborations of food brands and fashion are not that frequent. This fact makes people want to get such products even more. In Australia, Kellogg’s cereal brand Special K has unveiled a bag, which was created by fashion designer Kirrily Johnston, which became both the promotional piece and an item in designer’s new Spring/Summer collection presented at the Mercedes Benz Fashion. This handbag with a leather tassel is crafted for female consumers who always carry a snack with them wherever they go—it features a specially designed snack bar pocket, where ladies can keep her Special K snack bar.