Red Bull examines the Internet’s influence on music in web-episodes entitled H∆SHTAG$. The series, created by Red Bull Music Academy, includes six documentaries, which will be streaming from January 30 through March 6 exclusively at The episodes star a bunch of experts, who explain how the deep integration of web has changed the contemporary music culture and continues to introduce new game-changing approaches, platforms, technologies, which rocket the industry to the next level.

Super Bowl XLVII saw five major advertising trends boosting, most of which helped the ads live a longer life on more platforms. With the prices high for an ad piece rocketing high—average $4 million for a 30-second commercial,—the advertising has to be really effective (Brand Keys explored this theme in its latest report). The goal was achieved by various approaches, from making the ads more like films to building a longer, engaging campaign around the spot. Find the five trends as spotted by Time.

CARTILS is one of very few brand and design agencies that, being originally Dutch, has become a strong name with a global outreach. We’ve talked with Gaston van de Laar about his work experience with CARTILS, about art of pitching, collaboration with Grolsch, Baltika and the trends which shape the beer branding nowadays.