Virgin Mobile Australia Gives Away Bikes, while Virgin Megastores Team up with UAE’s du

Virgin Mobile Australia has rolled out a Christmas marketing campaign celebrating the beginning of summer season in Australia with the bikes giveaway. ‘A Fair Ride For All’ initiative is a real off-line game of hiding bikes in secret locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane each day and releasing clues on where to find them at

Photo: Aussies can choose from a wide range of bikes to hunt for, a snapshot from

Starting November 28, Virgin Mobile gives away 25 premium pushbikes each week for the next three weeks. Users have a chance to win Fixies, Racers, BMXs, Mount bikes and City bikes ranging in value from $600 to $1500 each.

“Summer in Australia is all about freedom, being outdoors and enjoying our glorious weather and what better way to do that than on a pushbike,” said David Scribner, Virgin Mobile’s Marketing Director.

“Bikes and the culture associated with them have enjoyed a real resurgence in Australia in recent years, with people of all ages enjoying them for exercise, for fun or as an inexpensive and environmentally friendly form of transport. We are hiding a variety of quality bikes so there really is something for everyone.”

To participate, users should go online, choose the wanted bike and ‘like’ it.  On the day the bike is released, Virgin Mobile posts location clues and the combination code to unlock the bike here on this site. The successful one who reaches the bike first can unlock it and take it home.

Another branch of the Virgin Corporation, Virgin Megastores have teamed up with du, the UAE’s fastest growing telecom company to advance distribution of the Du’s services.

The partnership means the application of the ‘Store within a Store’ retail model. Virgin Megastores now focuses more on entertainment that includes books, lifestyle goods, and technology, drawing modern smart audience, which is also a target audience for du. The companies will also benefit from having mobile-related services onsite and integrating mobile technology into the retail business.

In October, Virgin Galactic opened space gateway in Mexico.