Windows 8 «Live Tiles» Experiment Scares Strangers in Downtown Oslo to Introduce a New OS’s feature Online

To promote a newly released latest Microsoft’s OS Windows 8 and its Live Tile features, the Norwegian office of the company in collaboration with ad agency McCann Oslo have created a rather shocking experience called the ‘Live Tile Experiment’ —taking place right on the street in downtown Oslo.

The video report about the experiment features a construction site. A venue is being created behind a raised wall.  A famous Norwegian band, Datarock, is preparing to perform in the makeshift bar on a busy street in downtown Oslo.  Cut to nighttime. Passersby are curious about a huge party going on in the bar and a giant lit up tile on the street. Eventually, when someone steps onto the tile, the wall falls down and the party spills out around a surprised looking person, now immersed in the experience.

The film was made by McCann Oslo and Motion Blur and was directed by the Oscar Student winner, Norwegian director Hallvar Witzoe.

This mini movie highlights one of the key innovations of Windows 8  —Live Tiles, which display real-time information from user’s apps, like email, social media notifications and music content. The tile found on the street in this experiment is the Windows 8 Music Tile, and when activated it gives the user a rather unexpected live music experience.