Guinness and Google Earth Go into Space

Guinness, the flagship brand of Diageo, has expanded its “Bring it to Life” campaign by introducing a virtual game, created in partnering with Google Earth. It gives the beer’s fans a great opportunity to create a world on a planet where no life exists yet.


You can chose a planet from the range and start making it alive by dragging the terrain icons to the grid and creating your landscape. To make the planet be covered with greenery, you invite your Facebook friends to take part in the movement. As you and your network of friends interact with your planet, water droplets appear, and you are to collect all the water droplets to unlock a hidden Guinness pint. If you find it, you get a chance to win a whole year’s supply of finest Guinness beer.

The TV-part of the campaign was launched with the gorgeous “Bring it to Life” spot, featuring strong men creating a world of their own. The new line of the campaign was developed by the AMV BBDO agency, and its executive creative director Paul Brazier notes: “Google Earth was the obvious starting point for the campaign. The challenge was to bring an imaginary world to life in the browser window.