MTV and 55DSL Explore Senses

MTV and 55DSL unveiled a series of new ‘sensual’ adverts and announced a line of T-shirts featuring tongue-in-cheek designs to celebrate the pioneering spirit of both brands. Under this initiative, six international artists created themed visuals for the tees and five motion design studios took up the story in their short animated spots, which are being aired across 63 international MTV channels starting November 8.

Image Courtesy: Touch,

By studio Physalia

«This is a unique design collaboration between two youth oriented creative powerhouses, which leverages the strengths of both global brands and further deepens our connection to our audience. Our commitment to seeking out great new creative talent is as strong as ever and we’re thrilled to have worked so closely with 55DSL on this project,» commented Roberto Bagatti, vice president, creative, MTVNI, and creative director of MTV’s World Design Studio, Milan.

Image Courtesy: Taste,

By studios Division Paris and Digital District

The artists shared their visions of the theme by developing fresh and vibrant T-shirt designs dedicated to one of the physical senses—Alex Trochut explored touch, iLoveDust told about sight, James Roper turned to hearing, Tei ‘adopted’ ‘smell and Yué Wu made his visual story about taste. The collection also includes 55DSL’s special 5.5th «the less-explored human sense of intuition,» ‘studied’ by Zeloot. Each of the works was then used as a starting point for creating stunning short videos.

Image Courtesy: Smell,

By studio 3DCG

The new 55DSL product line inspired by this collaboration will be launched in 55DSL stores in December.

Image Courtesy: Sight,

By iLoveDust and Alan Boorman

Image Courtesy: Hearing,

By studio Universal Everything

Image Courtesy: Intuition,