Nissan taps British artist Moose to create a reverse-graffiti in London’s Waterloo

Following in the footsteps of its rival Toyota, which conducted a «positive» campaign for its hybrid Prius with a knitted graffiti art in Brixton last autumn, the carmaker Nissan is also promoting its fully electrical model LEAF with the help of street art.

The Nissan marketers have teamed up with the British street artist Paul Curtis aka Moose to create a mural depicting an iconic London’s skyline. The painting was created on a wall dirty with condensed car emissions in Moose’s signature reverse graffiti style—cleaning off the layer of dirt using a power washer. Unlike other graffiti artists, he never uses coloured aerosols but removes dirt and grim off walls to reveal some amazing patterns.

NISSAN Moose mural graffiti_01 NISSAN Moose mural graffiti_02

Photo: Nissan commissioned the reserve-graffiti artist Moose to create a mural with a washer powered by Nissan Leaf
Photo: Nissan commissioned the reserve-graffiti artist Moose to create a mural with a washer powered by Nissan Leaf

For Nissan, Moose has sketched up and then off-painted some recognizable London’s landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, The Shard, Battersea Power Station and The London Eye, to name a few. The jet washer he used to clean the wall was powered by the Nissan LEAF via the LEAF to Home equipment—a portable device that converts electricity from the car battery into an electric power for household needs.

The project aims to address the problem of air pollution in the biggest European cities caused by gasoline cars, as well as drives awareness of eco-friendly electric cars such as Nissan LEAF.

Moose’s artwork for Nissan is currently on show in the subway on Station’s Approach, Waterloo.

“Electric cars and alternative fuelling systems provide the brightest future we’ve ever known in the history of the automotive industry in terms of protecting our environment.

It’s a pleasure to be given the opportunity to create public art in this way and I’m very pleased with the iconic simplicity of the mural and its message,” commented the artist on the collaboration with Nissan.

Interestingly, a year ago in an interview to Jack McKain for the Active Soul Design blog, Moose said he never liked collaborating with ad agencies and marketers. When asked about his experience creating advertisement pieces, the artist said:

“[I’ve done advertisement pieces] Several times. It always strikes me as weird though, that advertising provokes consumerism, and that in turn makes the very dirt that they want to write their message in. It’s their own dirt… or is it? Is it ours? I ask them that. I’ve never liked doing them, but if I use the product then it would be weird not to.”

In 2014, Nissan was ranked 4th greenest global brand by Interbrand, one position higher than in 2013.