Pepsi lets the audience unlock additional moments in its World Cup ad

Pepsi is premiering the interactive centerpiece of its World Cup campaign, an ad “Now Is What You Make It.” The spot that is launchig in nearly 100 markets is starring a pool of football stars and capturing the powerful vibe of Brazilian culture. Within the video, there’s a range of blue markers embedded to trigger some users’ actions, making the ad breathe and live.

It tells a story of a teenager, Stony, who runs around Rio, meeting different people who add something important to the rhythmic picture of his sunny day. These people include Robin van Persie, David Luiz, Sergio Ramos, Sergio Aguero, Jack Wilshere and, of course, Leo Messi. Plus, there’s Janelle Monae, a celebrated singer, songwriter and producer, who is pictured as a common street musician. All the celebrities are seamlessly integrated into the canvas of traditional Rio settings.

Viewers can influence the narration by unlocking 11 suggested moments—they are marked with blue symbols that pop up on the screen and, when clicked on, add a related scene. For instance, when viewers click on the pencil symbol, a footballer signs a ball, and when they click on the drum-sticks, the protagonists performs a drumming solo on the walls, Pepsi bottles, fences and other objects around.

Music is a key element of the spot—the piece is full of sounds, which, once they emerge, add up to each other, creating a symphony of every-day sounds, including the recognizable hiss of soda as the can is getting opened. Janelle Monae also performs a modern version of David Bowie’s classic song, “Heroes,” that is now available on iTunes worldwide. Footballs is everywhere in the spot—the piece opens up with the scene where the teenager kicks the ball land, and finishes with an urban pitch, where a crowd of fans celebrate the game’s spirit.

“This year, we are giving fans a totally unique and immersive experience of their own—a personalized journey that combines iconic music, our stellar roster of football talent and the ability to create your own NOW—uniting Pepsi fans around the world in a celebration of sport, music, art and everyday moments,” shared Kristin Patrick, Pepsi Global Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo Global Beverage Group.