Pepsi is premiering the interactive centerpiece of its World Cup campaign, an ad “Now Is What You Make It.” The spot that is launchig in nearly 100 markets is starring a pool of football stars and capturing the powerful vibe of Brazilian culture. Within the video, there’s a range of blue markers embedded to trigger some users’ actions, making the ad breathe and live.

Building on the success of 2013’s “Ahh Effect” campaign, Coca-Cola is launching a new spin of the effort that employs the same idea of ultimate joy delivered by every single sip of Coke. The new promotion uses the elements from the content of the 61 websites (each site having different numbers of “h” in the URL) that highlighted a variety of ahh moments, and asks younger audience to contribute their own exclamations inspired by Coke.

Mountain Dew has teamed up with acclaimed film director Robert Rodriguez for its Green Label Studios: Open Call project that invites aspiring filmmakers to win a production grant of $250,000. This money will be used by the winner to develop content for, the youth culture-themed online platform launched by Mountain Dew and Complex Media back in spring 2013.

Pepsi, one of the official partners of the 86th Academy Awards, has celebrated some of the most famous quotes from legendary films in its 60-second spot that aired during the ceremony’s broadcast on ABC yesterday. The “Mini Hollywood” ad, promoting the smaller version of the soda’s can, communicates the message that even the tiniest amounts (like the smaller can or a quote) can retain the full power of the original product.

Coca-Cola has found a solution to the problem of social-media obsession. While connecting users to their family and friends virtually, these platforms actually take the excitement of an eye-to-eye communication out of their lives. The soda brand has borrowed a design of medical collar for dogs to create The Social Media Guard that in fact looks just like a huge post-operative collar for pets and makes it impossible for a person to bend the neck and look down onto a device’s screen.