Being a society still driven by consumption, we leave piles of waste behind us. With this, we do want manufacturers to save the humanity from a catastrophe brought by over-consumption and pollution by offering smart solutions that will minimize our negative impact on the environment. Now, bigger and smaller companies have not only to offer us a new product, but also take care about the previous, used ones in order to keep the planet a place to live, not a landfill. Scroll down to see a bunch of the latest initiatives aimed to prove that waste is valuable and it can be reused, recycled or repurposed to create new nice products—at bigger facilities or right at home, using the Precious Plastic open-source recycling machine (see it below).

The Alliance for Cancer Research, APREC, has tapped global pop star and breast cancer survivor Kylie Minogue to front a new campaign that puts a song up for auction for a good cause. As part of the “One Note Against Cancer” effort by Publicis Conseil, the non-profit is selling each note from the single, “Crystallize,” composed by Kylie Minogue just for the occasion.

Pepsi is premiering the interactive centerpiece of its World Cup campaign, an ad “Now Is What You Make It.” The spot that is launchig in nearly 100 markets is starring a pool of football stars and capturing the powerful vibe of Brazilian culture. Within the video, there’s a range of blue markers embedded to trigger some users’ actions, making the ad breathe and live.

Mountain Dew has teamed up with acclaimed film director Robert Rodriguez for its Green Label Studios: Open Call project that invites aspiring filmmakers to win a production grant of $250,000. This money will be used by the winner to develop content for, the youth culture-themed online platform launched by Mountain Dew and Complex Media back in spring 2013.

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg and her nonprofit Lean In, created to inspire and empower girls and women, get behind a new initiative, “Ban Bossy,” that takes on the gender stereotypes. The effort, launched in partnership with the Girl Scouts, criticizes the word “bossy” related to girls who are ambitious and assertive, and want to develop their leadership skills to achieve more in their life.

Giorgio Armani is positioning its new sunglass collection as “a perceptual filter.” The brand has collaborated with Rai Cinema and most promising students from six different international film schools to develop the “Films of City Frames” project that explores the world through the Frames of Life eyewear.

The Japanese apparel brand UNIQLO has teamed up with Pharrell Williams, a U.S. musical and fashion designer, to create a line of limited-edition “i am OTHER” T-shirts. The brand says that the concept for the collection is based on the celebrity’s shared philosophy of a creative way of life, based on art, music, apparel, film, TV, technology and multimedia. The collection got its name from Pharrell’s multimedia creative enterprise.